Volume 2: Christianity

Summary of Volume 2 – Christianity

Vol 2

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In this volume the author reveals the stunning details of two phases of hijackings of Christianity spanning together a period of two millennia with the first hijacking of Christianity commencing about five years after the death of Jesus, upon Saint Paul’s hotly debated admission into the ranks of Jesus’ disciples, helped by Saint Barnabas.  Hogging of Judaism for the Chosen People (the Jews) led to the First Hijacking of Christianity with Saint Paul in “the driver’s seat,” as he was first to name Jesus “the Son of God.” Then shortly thereafter Saint Paul launched his personally invented “Christ Myth” followed by his abrogation of the Torah (the Law), as he declared his mythical “Christ Jesus” to be “the End of the Law.” The First Hijacking of Christianity by Saint Paul paved the way over the following three centuries for the Second Hijacking of Christianity preparing the minds of the congregations for the Trinity God.  This “Triune God,” comprised of three Divine entities: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, was defined and approved by a bishops’ vote at the Nicaea Conference, assembled on may 20th, 325 C.E., by orders of Emperor Constantine, who was then the monarch of the East Roman Empire. The pagan Emperor Constantine’s sole objective was to preserve the unity of his Empire.  While the First Hijacking of Christianity was championed by Saint Paul, the Second hijacking of Christianity was in turn championed by Emperor Constantine in “the driver’s seat,” followed by his declaration that the Trinity God shall be Master of the Roman Empire. Constantine himself shortly thereafter adopted the Christian faith, but the irony came on his death bed, as he, at his own request, was baptized by a non-Trinitarian bishop, Eusebius, thus dying as a Unitarian. All presently Church-accepted Synoptic and Narrative gospels were written after Saint Paul’s launching of his “Christ Myth” by 64 C.E. (Mark 70 C.E., Matthew 80-90 C.E., John 90-100 C.E. and Luke 120 C.E.) and without exception their anonymous authors caved in to Saint Paul’s mythical claims of Jesus being the Son of God, as a foregone conclusion.  

COPYRIGHT © 2008 by Sami M. El-Soudani & Nabawia J. El-Soudani.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2009902903

ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4363-9071-2

Softcover 978-1-4363-9070-5

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