Volume 3: Islam

Summary of Volume 3 – Islam

Volume 3

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In this Volume the author examines early attempts at hijacking Islam commencing immediately upon Prophet Mohammad’s death with the only apostasy in the history of Islam (war of the Reddah), then again at 29 years later during a major civil war upon the onset of a devastating schism among the Moslem community, giving rise to the Shiite and Sunni Moslem sects on the one hand, but more importantly bringing about hereditary monarchy and the “Age of Islamic Empires” as a “way of the world” which is largely and fundamentally at variance with the original Islamic mission as spelled out in the Qur’an: That is a Divine-decreed message deeply rooted into principles of democracy, justice and equality of the two genders, besides all races and ethnicities of the entire humanity, and with people unequivocally being ruled by a government of the people, by the people, for the people.  Upon termination of the age of Islamic Empires with the elimination of the last one, namely the Ottoman Empire in 1922 C.E., the world of Islam entered a new era of the so-called “nation states,” which are unfortunately still governed by hereditary monarchies, dictators, and military tyrants, with continuous tensions arising among secular regimes and fundamentalist Islamic groups. With this transformation in Islamic geopolitical landscape,  the Western Imperialist powers are having a ball exploiting such divisions to achieve worldly gains exploiting the natural resources of the warring and divided Islamic nation states, not the least of which are the oil reserves of the Middle East and south Asian states (Iran, Afghanistan,…). Meanwhile the divided world of Islam is suffering contemporary attempts at hijacking Islam itself on operating rather than doctrinal principles, and these aspects of hijacking of Islam are examined by the author in detail in this volume. Here the argument is made convincingly that unlike the hijackings of Judaism and Christianity, both of which were doctrinal (that is they change the entity of the true God to a pagan god), and as such are fatal hijackings, the events described by the author as “attempts at hijacking Islam” are non-doctrinal (they don’t change the entity of God) and as such are non-fatal. Hijackings of Islam are merely with regard to its seven operating principles all of which are being systematically either violated or tested. The seven operating principles of Islam are: (1) Freedom of Religion—“There Shall be no Compulsion in Religion”; Humans Are Free to Choose; (2) Islam Builds Faithful Hearts; Not Godless Empires; (3) Equality of the Genders; Male and Female; Absolute, Total and Unequivocal; With the Qur’an as the Liberator of Female Gender from Pre-Islamic Jahiliyya (Era of Ignorance); (4) Hereditary Monarchy as Well as Elitist Imamate Are Both Contrary to the Spirit of Islam; (5) No Preference Whatsoever for a Prophet’s Descendants Including Mohammad to the Seat of Government, or in Ruling Over any Nation Professing to be Islamic; (6) All Affairs Including Election of Governing Rulers and Community Leaders Shall be Administered or Resolved Via a Democratic Process. In the Qur’an it is Called “Shura”: This is a Qur’anic Catch-all Term in Arabic Literally Implying: Public (not Elitist or Electoral College) Consultation, Voting, Approval, Ratification, and/or Consensus; (7) Allah Alone is the Sole Law-Giver; Not Mohammad, Not Jesus, Not Ezra, Not Moses, Not David, . . . ; And Allah Alone Will Also be the Judge of Us All on the Day of Judgment.           

COPYRIGHT © 2008 by Sami M. El-Soudani & Nabawia J. El-Soudani.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2009903011

ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4415-2432-4

Softcover 978-1-4415-2431-7

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For those who have an electronic book reader, such as Amazon.com Kindle 1 or 2 or Sony Readers, this book Volume is also available in electronic EBook format.  Ordering the EBook file from ORDERS@Xlibris.COM should use a different ISBN number and that is:

Volume 3 – Islam EBook ISBN                      978-1-4500-4663-3


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