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UNCLE SAM Formulates The Seven Operating Principles of Islam

Uncle SamI derived the Seven Operating Principles of Islam directly from the Verses of the Holy Scripture of Islam, the Qur’an, which was revealed to humanity over fourteen centuries ago by Allah through Prophet Mohammad. What I will be calling here “the Seven Operating Principles of Islam” are akin to “The Constitution” or manifestation of the true spirit of Islam. In fact to a Moslem these seven basic “Operating Principles of Islam” as outlined herein, and derived by this Uncle Sam, strictly from the Qur’an, and the tradition of Prophet Mohammad (the Hadith), they are Islam’s counterpart or analogue of the “Magna Charta” to an Englishman, or the analogue of “the United States Constitution” to an American.

The Seven Operating Principles of Islam are:     

  1. The First Operating Principle of Islam (OPI1): Freedom of Religion – “There Shall be no Compulsion in Religion” ; Humans Are Free to Choose.

  2. The Second Operating Principle of Islam (OPI2): Islam Builds Faithful Hearts; Not Godless Empires.

  3. The Third Operating Principle of Islam (OPI3): Equality of the Genders; Male and Female; Absolute, Total and Unequivocal; With the Qur’an as the Liberator of Female Gender from Pre-Islamic Jahiliyya (Era of Ignorance).

  4. The Fourth Operating Principle of Islam (OPI4): Hereditary Monarchy as Well as Elitist Imamate Are Both Contrary to the Spirit of Islam.

  5. The Fifth Operating Principle of Islam (OPI5): No Preference Whatsoever for a Prophet’s Descendants Including Mohammad to the Seat of Government, or in Ruling Over any Nation Professing to be Islamic.

  6. The Sixth Operating Principle of Islam (OPI6):   All Affairs Including Election of Governing Rulers and Community Leaders Shall be Administered or Resolved Via a Democratic Process. In the Qur’an it is called “Shura”: This is a Qur’anic catch-all Term in Arabic Literally Implying: Public (not Elitest or Electoral College) Consultation, Voting, Approval, Ratification, and/or Consensus.

  7. The Seventh Operating Principle of Islam (OPI7):    Allah Alone is the Sole Law-Giver; Not Mohammad, Not Jesus, Not Ezra, Not Moses, Not David,…; And Allah Alone Will Also be the Judge of Us All on the Day of Judgment.

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