OIL – Operation Iraq Looting

“Operation Iraq Looting”

On One Enchanted Morning, 9/11/2001, I Turned America’s Fear of Terror into Terror of Fear and Horror …. For Me; Fear Was an Easy Game to Play …. It Also Paid Very Well With Gasoline Prices Jumping From $1.59/Gallon to Over $4/Gallon, Immediately After My Iraq War …. How Can You Beat That? A Hefty Return on Investment for Me and My Cronies, and Of Coarse for Our Oil Stock Holders …. Mind You That Was Only Blood-for-Oil…., And Speaking of OIL That Is Not What You Naïve People Think!  “OIL” stands for “Operation Iraq Looting”

Fear Itself

Cartoon by Nabawia El-Soudani Olivera

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